Learn about Bats and Bat Rescue

Bat Rescue

I volunteer at Save Lucy the Bat, a rehab facility in Mt. Solon committed to raising awareness of white-nose syndrome and its devastating impact on North American bats. We do our best to get these incredible flying mammals back to their bug-eating brilliance. These gorgeous beings excel at pest control, pollination and seed spreading with their amazing bat super powers. If you love food, love BATS!

2017 – The first little orphan I met at Save Lucy this summer – a whopping 2.3 grams. Although he was really small and his chances weren’t good, he made it to the flight cage and on to freedom!

Visit our Facebook page to learn more and to see some adorable, informative videos like this one.

On this page is a great little educational video about bats.

Visit the Save Lucy website for more fun stuff!

More about Bats

Did you know that cotton farmers in south-central Texas save almost $1,000,000 annually on harmful pesticides because of bats, and nationally scientists estimate we save about 3.7 billion on pest control alone? That also means we’re putting less toxins into the soil and air! If you love clothes, love BATS! (Find out more here!)

Here are links to some other wonderful bat rescue organizations (and the shop at BCI is amazing and includes antique and vintage bat goodies.)

Bat Conservation International

Organization for Bat Conservation