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Silverwood Mystery School 2018 * SPECIAL EDITION NEWSLETTER!

The Inner Mysteries – a 9 month Journey of Healing, Wholeness, Power and Purpose

We are delighted to offer this 9 month experience that has been decades in the forming. This program is designed for those who long to deepen their spiritual practices, own and hone their gifts, stalk their shadows, and attain deeper, more gratifying levels of engagement, action, sense of self and purpose. This is the work of a lifetime. This is the Sacred Marriage wherein we court ourselves and the Great Mystery, however we choose to see it or name it, enticing, flirting and working our way into an ecstatic, present and powerful dance of loving connection.

Matters of Mystery

The curriculum for the Inner Mysteries is designed to help us create deep healing within, soul restoration, to fortify ourselves during challenging times, and to encourage us to shamelessly offer our gifts to our communities and this damaged world in the name of wholeness. Main topics for our residential retreats are:

  • Personal practice – developing spiritual practices to enliven and sustain us – without guilt!
  • Shadow stalking – diving into the unconscious to discover and heal our wounds and trauma, reclaiming ourselves and our power from the hidden places
  • Connecting with the divine – sharing experiences, techniques and stories for accessing the sacred in our lives, cultivating a sense of wonder and not knowing, exploring the wild unknown, meeting allies
  • Storytelling – looking at the stories we tell – and the ones we don’t – about our lives and the world around us with the understanding that there is great power and magic in the telling of stories that might just change the world
  • Own and hone our gifts – blending all of the work of The Inner Mysteries with radical self-assessment, deep desire, personal stories and history, shadow-stalking and reflections from others to help us, we truly see what we have to offer that is uniquely ours to give and that which is deeply needed in the world

Accommodations & Venue – It’s REALLY good!

Silverwood Mystery School is delighted to partner with Wayside Center for Popular Education, an activist retreat center in Nelson County, VA, as the location for our 7 residential retreats. They are working hard on their fundraiser “Rooted in This Place” to own the land they have been leasing for the last 8 years and have scaled back their programming this year to focus on funding so they are thrilled that we’ll be renting space from them and supporting their efforts in this way. We’re calling it a WIN/WIN! We are so happy to be working together to make this a reality. In addition to attending Silverwood Mystery School 2018, you can support Wayside by donating to their “Rooted in This Place” campaign here. For more exciting information about the venue, feel free to surf their website, especially the Media page! Get ready to be dazzled!

Format & Dates

Mystery School will take place from Spring Equinox to Winter Solstice 2018 over 7 residential retreats, many with guest presenters, and 4 private one-on-one meetings with Willow either in person, phone or online. There will also be individual and group assignments to complete between meetings. Each residential retreat will start on Friday evening and end Sunday mid-day. Private one-on-one meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of Mystery School to accommodate participants’ schedules. Dates for the residential retreats are as follows:

March 16 – 18

May 4 – 6

June 22 – 24

August 3 – 5

September 21 – 23

November 2 – 4

December 14 – 16


Participants are expected to attend the residential retreats and complete the individual and group assignments between meetings. If a participants schedule does not allow attendance, you are encouraged to watch a video of the introduction and lecture that will be available online between meetings. You will need a Zoom account to access videos and to participate in any supplemental online meetings we may schedule during training. Zoom is a free download. We will also have a secret Facebook page for sharing and connecting throughout the year as we journey together so you’ll need a Facebook account if you don’t already have one. Private one-on-one sessions with Willow are conducted via phone, Zoom, Skype or in-person and are scheduled at the beginning of Mystery School but are not mandatory to complete the curriculum.

Silverwood Mystery School’s Inner Mysteries 2018 is a prerequisite for Silverwood Mystery School’s Outer Mysteries 2019 where we will explore leadership magic, tips and techniques and the ways we bring our spirituality out into the world whether informally or as priestesses, teachers, ministers or healers.


$1700* – $3333, sliding scale

The cost for Silverwood Mystery School 2018 is on a sliding scale – you decide where you slide, knowing that we will do what we can to make this event financially accessible to all who wish to attend. We can make that goal happen if people who are able to pay at the higher end do so in solidarity with those who are more economically challenged. This can be a beautiful expression of community. If you are called to attend The Inner Mysteries in 2018 and need financial assistance, please contact Willow to make arrangements. Payment plans and limited barter options may be available based on the participation in the sliding scale.

*$1700 works out to be approximately $200 per residential retreat and $75 per private session

Take advantage of our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of $1500 if you apply before February 14, 2018!

How to Apply

Click here to apply to Silverwood Mystery School 2018 – The Inner Mysteries. All applications must be approved prior to enrollment. Once your application has been submitted you will be notified of your status within a day or two of submission but no longer than 1 week. If accepted, you will be asked to make your non-refundable deposit of $150.00 or you can pay your entire tuition to secure your space. Don’t forget the Early Bird Special! All payments must be completed by March 1, 2018 unless other arrangements are made.

Other Stuff

While much of the work and practices presented here are influenced by the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft and the Sufi Mevlevi Order of America, Silverwood Mystery School and the content therein is not specific to any religion. There will be plenty of ecstatic, collaborative ritual and experiential exercises for participants to engage in and then to interpret and integrate the meaning of their experiences as they see fit. All earnest and respectful seekers welcome, regardless of your path.

Special Thanks from Willow and Email Preferences

Thank you to my teachers, mentors, students, friends and family who have made Silverwood Mystery School possible. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your relentless support through the years.

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Blessings, love, gratitude and good goo,

Willow Kelly, Director, Silverwood Mystery School