Teaching at California Witchcamp

June 9, 2017

The year we will be working with the story of Ariadne and the Minotaur.  I look forward to exploring the deep healing, power and magic within each of us, and to witnessing and reveling in the unfolding mystery as we come together between the worlds under the canopy of the glorious redwoods.

Sunday June 25th through Sunday July 2nd 2017
Northern California, Mendocino Woodlands

California Witchcamp.org

Healing in the Temple ~ The wounds reveal the cures with Suzanne Sterling and Willow Kelly

Knowing our wounds and the wounds of the Earth are steps toward healing, for these wounds directly reveal the medicines needed. In ancient Minoan Crete, the bees and the snakes partnered with people in the healing temples offering shamanic medicine to those seeking cures. In this path we will re-member our alliance with these magical beings and reawaken our connection to their healing and oracular powers.

We buzz; we join together in the hive, each one necessary, and each one knowing their place in the magic. We entrain with each other through rhythm, sound and voice, as Bee medicine reminds us we can be pollinators of health, fertility and wisdom. We slither through time, shifting in and out of the darkness, sloughing off our old skin stories and feeling the deepest desires of the world as Snake medicine helps us mediate the tension between our animal and human selves.

We will travel between the worlds through trance and music, attuning with our allies, the bees and the snakes, to seek healing for the wounds we carry, the wounds of the Earth, the fracturing of ourselves, and the traumas that we inherited from our ancestors. We ask the question “What are the wounds of these times telling us about the possible cures for ourselves, our communities and the Earth?” We seek to alchemize the toxins around us into remedies. We become the medicine.

Our journey will include song and sound healing, trance, rhythm, oracular magic, deep listening, shape shifting and a more profound understanding of our unique elixirs for personal and collective change. As we listen, dream and divine we find the sounds that awaken our inner knowing, activating the remedies we embody. We open our hearts and our throats, calling ourselves home.