Counseling at the Edge

I provide counseling and coaching for individuals and groups on the edges who seek broader engagement, understanding and resources necessary for nourishing better relationships to self, community and the world around you. Poets, activists, healers, dancers, shamans, witches, queers, artists, edge walkers, truth speakers, culture builders, oracles, heros, heras, atheists, and misfits whose path leads you in the ways of healing the earth and its peoples, you are welcome here.

Being on the edges of society has its unique sets of gifts and challenges to offer us. As we awaken more fully to our global situation, we can feel overwhelmed, paralyzed, isolated, confused about where to begin, depressed, anxious, or full of angst. If we are on the edges, making mistakes in the name of justice as we move our circles of connection out further and further, chances are we need to process and integrate our experiences to sustain our activist hearts and fuel our emergence into wholeness.

Using a collaboratively custom-tailored combination of traditional talk therapy along with active coaching, trance work, intention setting, writing, oracular readings, rites of passage, Theater of the Oppressed, and much more, we will identify your growing edges and places where you feel healing is needed. Together we will explore tools and resources to help you with the challenges you face. We can explore themes of conflict, fear, power, resistance, desire, shadow, and clarity, helping you or your groups function with more joy, focus, accountability, and purpose in the world.

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