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Music & Middle Eastern Drumming

I teach the art of ritual music through chant composition, ritual soundscaping and Middle Eastern drumming for frame drum, doumbec and riq.

Middle Eastern Drum Instruction for Frame Drum, Doumbec and Riq

Private and group lessons as well as workshops in traditional Middle Eastern percussion are available for frame drum, doumbec and riq. Having studied with Laura Wyrd, Souhail Caspar and Layne Redmond as well as performing extensively, I have learned a variety of playing techniques, traditional and modern rhythms and tips and tricks to help you memorize, play and compose simple or complex rhythms. I honor my drum teachers Laura Wyrd, Souhail Caspar and Layne Redmond. Classes and workshops are available in the Staunton/Augusta region of Virginia and I can also travel to you based on schedule availability and costs. For more information on private and group lessons or to inquire about workshops, contact me.

Chant Composition & Ritual Soundscaping Workshops & Apprenticeships

Chant Composition

Chants, repetitive songs and rounds that are short and easy to learn, can bring people together and create an indescribable sense of unity that words seldom can. One good chant can transform a gathering or a ritual into an ecstatic experience of connection and serve as a powerful reminder of the magic of those moments later on. The skill of chant writing takes your intentions and desires and turns them into magical music. Whether you’re looking for something to get people dancing or to support them in dropping in deeply to a meditation, I can teach you simple ways to create beautiful, memorable chants that support and enhance the energy you are cultivating.


Ritual Soundscaping

Back around 2005 I discovered the word soundscape and have used it since to describe ways of creating music, sound and rhythm to support, enrich, deepen and bring to life any gathering especially those of a sacred nature such as rituals, rites of passage, weddings, dedications, blessing rituals, theatre, workshops and retreats. A soundscape might include anything from an appropriate chant or song to bells, drums, twilight (improv) singing, thunder machines, claves, sing-a-longs, and melodic or chaotic instrumentation. Learn how to make sound a magical tool through understanding its power and effect and applying it with intention and artistry.


Workshops and Apprenticeships

I offer workshops and apprenticeships for chant writing and soundscaping in person and online. Contact me to schedule workshops to suit your needs from 1/2 day to a week-long intensive. For more personalized, focused training, apprenticeships are available as follows:

This Apprenticeship covers foundational topics and practices and meets once monthly in person or via Zoom with assignments and one-on-one meetings in between

This Apprenticeship targets a particular event, performance or topic, as single sessions or a bundle of sessions.

Ritual Soundscaping and Musicians for hire

Ritual musician, vocalist and drummer for hire – Take your gatherings to the next level with music designed to enhance your experience, from ambient soundscaped harmonies to chants and songs and sing-a-longs. I provide music and drumming for rituals, rites of passage, parties, song and chant gatherings, drum circles, or other spaces people gather where you’re looking for that something special that unifies and connects people in a lasting moment of beauty. If you’re looking for a band of musical angels, I have a wonderful cohort of musical, mischievous collaborators to bring the music to you.

Calendar of Events

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Frame Drum FREEBIE!

Here is a free instructional video that teaches an introduction to playing frame drum including 4 basic sounds, standing and seated positions, and the basic rhythm Saudi with one variation. Enjoy!