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Rites of Passage

Birth, coming of age, weddings and unions, career changes, moves, coming into or leaving a relationship, spiritual practice or lifestyle changes, dying, crossing over, and all other crossroad moments in life can become more precious, magical, powerful and integrated into our psyches when we ritualize them.


Acknowledging the moments in our lives and the lives of others when things drastically change, those threshold moments in time when we cross from one way of being to another, these acknowledgments are ways we come more wholly into our selves and our right-sized sense of power. Sometimes, these rites are solitary; something we must do alone. At other times, we long for a community of witnesses encircling and supporting us. Regardless of our approach, these rituals can have a profound, healing and beautiful impact.


When we do these rites, we support our growth, build a legacy of rich community and re-weave a torn tapestry of connection to each other, the earth and ourselves. A group or individual can invite wholeness, support, meaning and unity when they undergo a ritualized rite of passage. When we do these rites, these rituals, something magic happens.


Whether you are celebrating, grieving, making a major life transition or seeking support, meaningful rituals can anchor focus, healing and power, restore and nourish those parts of yourself longing for deeper connection and create the memories of a lifetime.


I offer to help you, your partner or your group custom design the ideal rite of passage that ritualizes your intentions. I also offer to priestess your rite or to mentor you or your facilitators in leading this type of ritual.

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