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Workshops, Retreats & Meetings


I offer infinite possibilities for workshop topics, from all of the traditional Reclaiming core classes co-taught with a variety of amazing and diverse teachers, to some of my favorite subjects listed below, as well as workshops created specifically for your group’s needs.  Whether you need help with inspired organization and leadership or are looking to learn tools and skills for activism, magic or community building, we can build a curriculum together that is based on empowered and experiential learning.

I teach on a regular basis, all over the world. Click here for a current list of scheduled workshops or contact me to schedule one in your area.


Reclaiming Core Classes

(for more about Reclaiming, read our Principles of Unity revised 2012)

Elements of Magic – An introduction to Reclaiming style magic and ritual. We use the term EIEIO to describe the way we do ritual in the Reclaiming Tradition: Ecstatic, Improvisational, Ensemble, Inspired, Organic!

Rites of Passage– An introduction to working with myth, story, dreams, and magic in the Reclaiming Tradition through ecstatic ritual, trance, aspecting and storytelling.

Iron Pentacle – We explore our magical birthright and the realms of our shadows as we immerse ourselves into the energies of Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion.

Pearl Pentacle – We explore the grist of our work with Iron Pentacle as the irritant that makes the pearl of community as we immerse ourselves into the energies of Love, Law, Wisdom, Liberty, and Knowledge.

Community – From the practical to the magical, we share our comprehensive skills in keeping with our Principles of Unity, which states in part, “We work to create and sustain communities and cultures that embody our values, that can help to heal the wounds of the earth and her peoples, and that can sustain us and nurture future generations.”


Other Favorite Subjects

Ideas for crafting your own workshops might include some of these themes


Whether you’re designing a private retreat for yourself, a family gathering, an organizational retreat for a working group, or any other gathering, I offer custom retreat services from the practical to the magical. After a free initial consultation about your goals, desires and resources, you can utilize my services heavily or lightly in the planning or facilitating of your event, or both. Maybe you just need a few ideas, a structure and some glue to hold it all together. Maybe you want to collaborate with me in designing your ideal retreat so you can let the organizing go and step into an experience with your group. Maybe you’d like to learn how to organize, design and facilitate a retreat for your group including the skills to create a schedule, custom design activities and learn tips and tricks to ensure your success. Whatever your retreat goals, I am here to help you make it happen. Together we will create memorable, revitalizing, bonding experiences to help your group focus and nourish its roots.


Meetings can be fun, energizing and motivating if done effectively and if done poorly, they can put an end to any group or organization rather quickly. My meetings services are designed to fit your needs. I work with your group to understand your structure and purpose along with the goals of your meeting, then help you to organize successful meeting agendas and facilitation styles to meet those goals. I offer facilitation for your meetings and I mentor interested people in your groups in the fine art of successful meeting organization and facilitation. Facilitation is priced on a sliding scale by the hour and my mentoring series, custom designed to fit your needs, teaches you how to make group agreements, how to deal with problematic topics or people, understanding how the group mind forms, working through conflict, alternative decision making processes, and more.

Calendar of upcoming classes and events

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