BC Witchcamp 2019

Starts:  August 25, 2019
Event Dates:  August 25,   August 26,   August 27,   August 28,   August 29,   August 30,   August 31

BC Witchcamp 2019 is already shaping up to be a deep, nourishing magical week between the worlds at beautiful Evans Lake. Our intention:

“In the sweet depths of mycelial connection, we remember we belong. We call ourselves back into relationship with each other, our ancestors, the land, and all of our relatives.”

We are honored to have an indigenous elder attending our camp as a resource, whom last year consented to us bestowing the magical name “Great Grandmother of the Crying Witches” upon her. Her wisdom, wit and clarity are powerful, healing experiences to behold. Attending camp would be utterly worth it and more if this was the only offering.

However, in addition to her presence, magic and teachings, there will be four morning paths to choose from at camp from our 8-person team of revolutionary witches. I am delighted to be teaching Elements of Magic, a Reclaiming core class, as one of the morning paths with the magical and graceful Justine Little. Here’s a description of our path:

“Elements of Magic – The Witches’ Roots with Justine Little and Willow Kelly

Feel the earth rise up to hold you, words to the divine leaving your mouth like burning coals under a dark sky. You move with the truth that your body holds water, shapeshifting inside you like blooming underground mushrooms. You call upon spirit as a constellation to guide you along the path of your ancestors, between the worlds, to the vein of magic that has always pulsed inside of you.

Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Spirit. Join us in an experiential exploration of the Elements as we share and hone our practices of Reclaiming Witchcraft through creating ecstatic ritual. Together we will trance, write, move, experiment, raise energy and fall in love again with this good green earth and the elements that allow us to thrive here. We will practice deep listening to the earth to serve her better and live more gently. Together, we will lift the veil of mystery from the tools of ritual and the technologies of raising different types of energy to strengthen our magical practice.

All are welcome here whether you’re new to Reclaiming or a seasoned practitioner. We will create space for teaching each other what we know, sharing our experiences, and reflecting to each other the gifts we carry. Join us in this path to receive the healing you need, offer the healing you’re able and grow your magic in a container of relentless support.”

Hope to see you between the worlds as we explore this magic with humble curiosity and open hearts.

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