BC Witchcamp – The Story of the Land

Starts:  August 26, 2018
Event Dates:  August 26,   August 27,   August 28,   August 29,   August 30,   August 31,   September 1

Join me alongside a stellar teaching team for a week of earth magic between the worlds at the breathtakingly beautiful BC Witchcamp. The paths listed on the website are options for how to spend your morning. I’ll be teaching Embodying the Magic of Ritual: Mapping the Invisible through the Art of Theatre with the supremely talented Ravenna, my friend and co-conspirator. The evenings will be spent together, steeped in deep ritual magic working with the story of the land. Here’s where our compass points.

2018 Story: The Story of the Land
“This is a land formed by fire and ice. Volcanoes and glaciers are the artists of this place where we stand, this beauty that we eat, make love upon and on whom we rest. This is a land formed by the animals and the green ones.

The hands of the original humans on this land also shaped this place, as it shaped them, shaped their culture… When we are held by the land, we are held by the hands of those ancestors, of these descendants carrying on the cultures; we are drawn into the web of life that connects human animal to land, to greenblood, to other animals, to mineral, to rock.

We seek a way to honour this, to know it in our bones.

Because we are being forged, just as the earth was forged, exploded, flooded and crushed into this thriving bioregion. The modern ways are collapsing. We are facing the deals that we have made with the patriarchy, with ourselves, with our own grief.

We feel our collective need shaking, exploding, flooding and crushing us into thriving in harmony with nature or else into terrible consequences. We dance here, now. We dance with the hands of all of our ancestors at our backs. They are whispering, “We see you. We grieve. We long for the truth. We were human and wild. We stand at this crossroads with you.”

And so, surrounded by our ancestors, elders, siblings, by owl and, salmon, by elk and wolf and bear and others from the teeming wild places, we enter a state of deep connection. We feel a stirring in our bones. We begin to belong.

We listen to the land and to the wisdom that the earth whispers. We listen for the spells of decolonizing and rewilding. We call to our ancestors of blood and of spirit; we call to our allies to help us in this magic. We call to each other in relentless support as we tend our wounds of disconnection and rediscover our belonging to each other and the land. We offer ourselves, as lovers entranced, enchanted and wholly present. We immerse ourselves in the bittersweet ecstasy of this moment of becoming and belonging.

We open ourselves to the forces that formed this land: to fire and ice, to time and to the knowing that lives within every interconnected cell.

But first, we witness. We listen. We learn. We grow. We dance…

We listen.”

Join us. Registration is open.