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Elements of Magic – Asheville, NC

Starts:  August 18, 2017
Event Dates:  August 18,   August 19,   September 1,   September 2

Silverwood Mystery School Presents Elements of Magic, in Asheville, NC with Willow Aimee Bovara and Raven Hawthorne

Come deepen your practice with the Elements of Magic: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. We will meet and dance with each element, learn to craft ecstatic Reclaiming-style rituals, cast spells, ground, sense, direct, and raise energy, and develop relationships with Goddesses, Gods and Mysterious Ones of many forms. Each class is also an experiential, participatory ritual (and our ritual style is EIEIO – ecstatic, improvisational, ensemble, inspired, organic.)

With music, movement, theatre, trance, and deep magic, we will work with our Elemental allies and each other to build our power in service to healing the Earth and its people. All genders, sexual orientations, races, and people of varying economic ability are welcomed and empowered here.

This is a four day event:
August 18/19 and September 1/2

To register, please contact Willow Kelly.