Priestess Council 2019 at Sternschnuppe Mystery School in Northern Germany

Starts:  October 12, 2019
Event Dates:  October 12,   October 13,   October 14,   October 15,   October 16,   October 17,   October 18,   October 19

Join me and Cassandra this summer for Priestess Council 2019, a week-long Reclaiming restorative at one of my favorite spots to teach magic, Sternschnuppe Mystery School in Oldenbuettel, Germany.

This is the magic that draws us together:

“We come to this magic of priestessing during these urgent times, ready for service. Fueling our desire for justice and healing in the world, we discover and practice the skills of building and nurturing magical community, especially when it gets challenging. We know that the wounds of the earth and its peoples cannot be healed quickly, that generations of people who have come before us have been working toward the world we wish to see and generations after us will continue to do so.

Together, we will create revolutionary art, dream into possibilities, make choices for the future, and sustain ourselves during this time of great transformation. We will delve into the ways we bring magic alive in our everyday lives and relationships. This is the work of activism that is rooted in sustainable community, our greatest treasure and often our greatest challenge. We tell the stories that build hope and call us all into new ways of being as we stand at this precipice of change.”

What to expect:

We begin by making agreements, including commitments to offer compassionate feedback, cultivate empathy in our actions and language, and relentlessly support each other in our risk-taking and authenticity.

After we set the foundation, a typical day, set in a restorative model with lots of breaks, might look like this:

Personal practice in the morning, affinity group check in and sharing, feedback, magical discussion and ritual planning; mentorship in the afternoon for evening ritual roles including things like music, trance, energy-raising and aspecting, and then in the evening diving into the magic of our collaborative rituals.

We will work deeply together as part of a team, understanding the value of our individual strengths and the impact and necessity of our contributions to the whole. We will connect with the gods of the land – Frey and Freya.


Registration is open!