Reclaiming Community Core Class, (ON HOLD) in New Hope, VA

Starts:  June 08, 2018
Event Dates:  June 8,   June 9,   June 10

Silverwood Mystery School Presents the Reclaiming Tradition’s Community Core Class with Willow and Jes

A commitment. A promise. A risk.

The promise of community sings to us, and draws us forward. The joy of being with others who hold common values, the delight in achieving collective goals – we move towards these as bees towards sweet nectar. It’s also true that many of us carry painful experiences. Perhaps we’ve been disappointed or hurt so we approach community with trepidation. Is it worth trying again? We say, “Yes!” Our work in community is a spell for the future and one of the great magical workings of our lives.

In this Reclaiming core class, we come together to develop our communication skills and leadership abilities, to work collaboratively, address our relationships to power and become creative in our responses to conflict as we work to sustain our communities. Join us in this experiential class as we honor community’s double edged nature, as both a delightful playground and a proving field, a place where we are given the greatest opportunity for personal, collective and spiritual development.


Private residence in New Hope, VA. Details provided upon registration.


We’ll be posting new dates for this class in the near future. We have an important anti-pipeline magical gathering taking place the weekend of June 8-10 and are standing in support by re-scheduling our event. Stay tuned!


Willow Kelly
Activist, witch, queer, shadow-stalker, lover of the Fae and the wyrd, I am a music-making, mischief-conspiring priestess of transformation and have been teaching magic and Middle Eastern drumming internationally since the mid-90’s. I sprinkle my work generously with the ecstatic vibrations of music, energy, play, movement, theatre, devotion, spellcrafting, and sound. In these challenging times we are collectively in a pivotal global Rite of Passage and I believe our magic is needed now more than ever. To respond to the needs around me, I recently opened Silverwood Mystery School, an education and resource center for magical beings, edgewalkers, activists and those building cultures of justice everywhere. May the magic of Pearl Pentacle that we weave together send healing and justice through all the realms.

Jessica Dreamer
I grew up on 40 sweet and wild acres nestled along Maryland’s coastal bays where I spent my childhood running free in the marsh, playing with fiddler crabs, and listening to the murmurs of the wind through the tall reeds. In that place my Witchcraft was born, closely partnered with the Spirits and Beings who, whether seen or unseen were deeply felt as they received me with rich welcoming. These days, as an urban witch, I serve the fierce Spirits and Beings of a very different place, where the soil is corrupted with lead and the water filled with raw sewage. My devotion to Baltimore is tied up with my awareness that, historically, being loved and desired by white people can be fatal for a neighborhood, a region, a continent, its people and animals. I am trying to teach myself, and my ancestors and descendants, how to love without having to possess.

The communities I am nurtured by on a daily basis are Baltimore Reclaiming, Alcoholics Anonymous, my fierce & sweet coven, and my small family which consists of me, a gentle and artistic man, and a very picky cat.


Sliding Scale: $175 – $100*

*You decide where you slide – people paying at the higher end make scholarships and barter options possible for people who cannot otherwise afford to attend. Thanks for your generosity! If you are someone who requires financial assistance to attend, please email Willow at and let her know your specific needs. We are committed to financial accessibility.

Your cost includes teachers’ expenses, travel and stipends, class supplies, coffee and tea service.


Click here to register Fill out the form and send your deposit via PayPal (link below) to secure your space.


Your non-refundable deposit of $50 secures your space and is due no later than June 1, 2018.

Contact to address any questions, information or financial requests.

NOTE: Please use the “Friends and Family” option for PayPal.


To learn more about Reclaiming, see our Principles of Unity here:

In keeping with our Principles, one of the many ways we strive to be accessible is we endeavor to accommodate people who have chemical and scent reactivity, which can be a major medical event for those with compromised immune systems. Please keep these people in mind and refrain from wearing scented bug sprays and personal hygiene products (laundry and body soaps, deodorant, hair products, etc.) Thank you for joining us in embracing the joyful obligation of community care.

Elements of Magic is strongly recommended.

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